Google says Bard was updated to improve math and logic responses

Google says Bard was updated to improve math and logic responses
Mar 2023

Google Bard just got an upgrade today, it now is better at math and logic responses by incorporating Google's PaLM language models. "Today I wanted to share that we've improved Bard's capabilities in math and logic by incorporating some of the advances we've developed in PaLM," Jack Krawczyk, the Google executive leading up Bard and Google's AI efforts, said on Twitter.

What improved. Google's Jack Krawczyk said that Bard can now better understand and respond to your prompts and questions when they are in a multi-step word and multi-step math problems format.

Math improvements coming. Coding is coming soon to Bard, Jack Krawczyk added.

The tweets. Here are his tweets with this announcement:

So what does that mean? Now Bard will better understand and respond to your prompts for multi-step word and math problems, with coding coming soon. This improvement makes Bard even more useful to people using it. 2/

https://t.co/FycdN2l1HQ ?

Google PaLM. PaLM stands for Pathways Language Model. It is a large language model developed by Google with 540 billion parameters. Researchers also trained smaller versions of PaLM, 8 and 62 billion parameter models, to test the effects of model scale.

More on Bard. As a reminder, Google announced Bard was coming the day before Bing Chat launched but Bard did not open to general users until ten days ago. The response Google received from Bard has been somewhat disappointing and underwhelming compared to that of Bing Chat and ChatGPT's efforts. Even inside Google, employees urged the company to improve Bard.

But Google promises more is to come and it will get better.

In an interview released today from the NY Times, Sundar Pichai, the CEO of Google, said they intentionally launched a lightweight version of Bard and it will continue to get better and better over time.

Why we care. Mostly, it is fun and exciting to see how these AI assistants and tools improve and are improving rapidly in such a short period of time. Be it ChatGPT, Bing Chat, Google Bard or others, following this space is a lot of fun.

So give Bard another try and see if you find it to be any better today than it was yesterday.

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